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asking why he hated the environment because that makes sense. i wasn't even pregnant, by the way. so i try to be very honest about the fact that i am a person and although i did stick with my husband through some really difficult times i am not a saint. i did not nail lacrosse myself pendragon around with me. i'm a human being and have my own foibles and i also want to make sure people know there are resources out there to help. if you or a loved one are struggling to you can call veterans crisis line at 800-273-talk, press one for immediate assistance 24 hours a day. if your spouse is struggling with pt s d and becoming violent you should call the domestic violence help line. you should not suffer in silence or alone. and if you are looking for a way to serve veterans or looking for resources in your local community, you can use the national resource directory which is on line and has a vast compilation of resources that are available. if you are a military family member you can look up blooms of the stock families on line and see the resources they have available to all military fami
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1